Here are some testimonials that have been sent to us by members of the Higley family. Some have been sent in by past Higley residents, and some by their loved ones. All of these testimonials go to show just how strong our commitment to providing our family members with genuine quality residential care really is!
Angie Daughter of Resident

What I love most about Higley is the wonderful staff and atmosphere. Higley is a home and our father is very happy there. The staff is so friendly and wonderful!

Our father did not want to give up his independence and doesn’t feel that he has at all. Our family is greatful for Higley and proud to say our father resides there!

MaeRelative of 10 Year Resident

Our family member chose this place herself and has been very happy with the care. Everyone is so caring and they do all they can to keep the resident comfortable and happy. She loves the food and is thankful she doesn’t have to cook.

Unknown NameDaughter of Resident

My mother was a resident at Higley Mansion for 2 years. She loved the facility and found it to be very homey. The staff was wonderful and took care of all her needs. As her health failed they did everything they could to make her comfortable. I would highly recommend the facility and staff.

Nancy & GeorgeChildren of 7.5 Year Resident

Most of the time my mother Carrie, enjoyed Higley Mansion and the residents living there. She liked the special parties, such as the picnic and Christmas parties.We both thought she was given very good care.

SandraDaughter of 5.5 Year Resident

We are very pleased with all the staff at Higley. The home like atmosphere puts all the residents at ease and is very welcoming to family and visitors as well.

GlenChild of Past Resident

The staff at Higley Mansion took wonderful care of my mother and father. They were caring and made my parents passing as easy as possible. I would recommend them to everyone!

CarolynDaughter of Resident

My mother (Peggy) was in poor health when she came to you but still enjoyed her stay. She always said the staff was excellent, the concern and care you gave her until her demise will always be a warm spot in my heart.

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